Electro udar


Netherlands, Arnhem, 16 december 2020

UDAR and UDARISATION , the new method to clean animal manure.

By the inventors ; Ir. Y. Rakotsy(Ukraine) and Dil.Ing. W.A. van der Weide(Netherlands)

Farmers with manure of cow’s, horses, chicken and pig’s should upgrade their manure ! To avoid all kind of emissions included harming foams ,the environments and soils.  We offer the solution.

From conventional(dairy) to a circular  livestock farm.

Our own research shows that farms with high ammoniac emissions ;

The cause of bad grass / silage grass is insufficient active soil life.

The method of circular farming: the farmer feeds the soil life (with organic matter C / N higher than 8, on top of the soil), the soil life feeds the plant.

Ammonia is a positively charged substance that binds well to clay minerals. Ammonia exists in animal manure from the solution of NH3 and NH4 +that merge into each other. Because organic and carbon matters bind the NH4 + can bind these do not go back to NH3. Because the “free ammonia particles” drop because they are bound, the climate in the barn improves and the manure is more “livable” for bacteria. Ammonia(NH4) is therefore released less in gaseous(NH3) form, but remains bound to organic matters in the manure.

The working method of the conventional farmer: the farmer has the idea that he must fertilize the plant directly with fertilizers and slurry (regardless of the quality) and “compulsorily” low-emission. As a result, soil life is eliminated, resulting in grass / silage of the above quality.

This downward spiral among conventional farmers must be reversed into an upward trend.

We can tackle the high ammonia emissions by udarisation only.

Newspaper ; De Gelderlander 30-01-2020(Netherlands)

Short term goal:

From conventional to circular agriculture !

If the short-term target has been achieved, we will have a lower cost price per liter of milk, which gives financial scope to invest in the soil.

Long-term objective = soil management.

This is very broad but very decisive to have a basis for economic farming on the land for eternity.

A soil can produce healthy plants and pathogenic plants, or somewhere in between. This depends on the quality and quantity of the soil life. The soil life can consist of predominantly healthy or pathogenic micro life. Both are always present, but the method of soil management determines which micro life prevails.

How do you proceed to convert the short and long term planning into a working method with visible results?

We make a success of the short term and then make a success of the long-term planning, but that requires much more effort and knowledge from the farmer than the short-term objective.


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