Yellow Agro partners

Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland is a reliable dairy company specialised in the design, development and production of equipment for the dairy industry, specifically cheese. Customers are mainly SME companies that process between 1,000 and 100,000 litres of milk a day. Scherjon engineers, produces and delivers high quality equipment. Together with Yellow Agro, Scherjon designs and fabricates the customised Bio Whey Reactor to produce Condit Fertilizer™.

Mr. Hielke Scherjon

Mulder Agro B.V. is a company located in Kollumerzwaag, Friesland NL with over 80 years old tradition. Their activities include renting of the various agricultural vehicles and machines to farmers and agro workers, and selling products, the company owns a shop and two sheds as well. The Mulder Agro is fully aware of importance of healthy soil, so their mission focus on improving a “soil life” what can leads to better life of whole ecosystem. For more information, see the Mulder Agro brochure (dutch).

Mr. Theo Mulder