In 2020-2021, we introduce our vision about the use of ELECTRIC MAGNETIC UDAR in the agriculture as part of the sustainable vision. We have knowledge regarding this and want even develop our own equipment.

Ammonia is a positively charged substance that binds well to clay minerals. Ammonia exists in animal manure from the solution of NH3 and NH4 +that merge into each other. Because organic and carbon matters bind the NH4 + can bind, these do not go back to NH3. Because the “free ammonia particles” drop because they are bound, the climate in the barn improves, and the manure is more “livable” for bacteria. Ammonia is therefore released less in gaseous form, but remains bound to organic matters in the manure.

It’s clean and upgrade the whole MANURE(Cow, Chicken, Pig) and bound the ammonia(k) emissions. Avoid foam.

Your costly manure is usefully as fertilizer(Condit Fertilizer)

Several tests are running from December 2020…..

Another equipment invention is our MECHANIC-UDAR ……


To use for cow-milk farmers !

Invented and patented by the Inventors, Dil.Ing. W.A. van der Weide(Netherlands) & Ir. Y. Rakotsy(Ukraine)