After years of researching, we believe that it is the best leaf food and fertilizer to show. Leaf feeding is the fastest way to feed plants. The food is immediately absorbed and given to the plant. you see the results very quickly. Nothing we forced. Leaf feeding does not replaced the Condit whey Fertilizer(solid), but does support it.

The Condit whey fertilizer(liquid) contains natural plant growth hormones, amino acids, trace elements, the most minerals,beneficial bacteria, enzymes and some macro elements. The strength is not in his NPK but in his biology. It is full of micro and macro nutrients, beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and natural growth hormones. It also contains starch and carbohydrates. The minerals and trace elements are in a chelated form(immediately abbsorbable). It not burned the plant.

Chemical fertilizers( solid or liquids) also stimulated the growth, but this can only be done by forcing it. Chemical fertilizers make the soil lifeless and exhaust it completely. The humus layer is gradually being depleted and the constant harvesting of 60 minerals and the fertilization with only a few , in addition, exhaust the soil. The longer the use of this, the greater the problems in the future. Forced plants are tasteless, not healthty, contain a few vitamines, minerals, amino acids, trace elements etc. They have a short storage time and are susceptible to diseases and insects. They are also bad for the environment.

Condit whey fertilizer(liquid) stimulated growth and resistance by giving the plant everything it needs: This ensures that the plant can fully utilize its genetic potential and will therefore also be very healthy. She makes a lot more sugars, vitamins, minerals, etc. How higher the resistance who better.

Condit whey fertilizer(liquid) improves the soil by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil, it can gradually bring dead soil back to life ! It also ensures that the soil is less compact and better drained. This also allows the soil to retain water better.

Leaf fertilization through our Bio Whey Reactor provides the humic acids for the leaf. The leaf has layers of fat and therefore leaf fertilization should penetrate the leaf tissue and channels. Attachment to the sheet is therefore also of great importance to prevent leaching. Due to the quantity of the correct trace elements, the inclusion of leaves is best if there is a lower acidity of soils, the elements are then better absorbed. It is important to combat the incorrect fungi with preventive protective agents by mixing leaf fertilizer. Especially copper in leaf fertilization prevents mold. Crops such as wheat and barley need little foliar fertilization given the deeper roots. The salt that is in the leaf fertilizer also ensures better operation. Elements such as boron, zinc, magnesium, calcium and copper are generally important for crops. Our foliar fertilization is bio-based, so an excellent commitment to sustainable agriculture and dairy products. The number of times spraying of leaf fertilization depends entirely on the usefulness here per crop and peiode of growth. Agronomists must determine in how far the crop gets enough nutrition. Our foliar fertilizer is a concentrate, so it should be mixed with water before use and also shaken for any sediment to avoid in the spray nozzles.

Give your Condit whey (liquid) every month once(when needed) dilute 1 liter with 20 liters of water. When you give it weekly dilute 1 liter to 80 liters of water.

Condit whey (liquid) has an unlimited shelf life.