Feed Your Soil. “Feed your soil, not your plants” is our motto as Yellow Agro. The idea is that if we practise soil stewardship by taking care of the organisms living in the soil, we will have created an ideal soil environment for growing crops. From our perspective, soil stewardship means  providing important soil food and health improvers. Such as Yellow Agro fertilizer. It is all about keeping the soil healthy.

As caretakers of the soil, our vision that led to the development of Yellow Fertilizer, is to have a soil that will hold nutrients and slowly release them over time; to have a soil that has large numbers of beneficial organisms and small numbers of harmful organisms; to have a soil that has strong aggregates, a rapid water infiltration rate and a high moisture holding capacity; and to have a soil that is resilient in unfavourable conditions, facilitating good rooting depth and with good internal drainage.