There are three important priorities to recover and revitalise poor soils and marginalised lands:

  • Balancing minerals in the soil (chemistry);
  • Activating soil micro-biological communities (biology); and
  • Maintaining the electrical conductivity of the soil (physics).

It is our mission to nourish and revitalize soils and to improve the soil balance, which contains chemical, biological and physical processes. In doing so, Yellow Agro provides solutions that allow (i) farmers to increase yields whilst cutting costs of agro-inputs and (ii) the development of sustainable dairy chains at the basis of yellow fertilizer production.

In the Netherlands, our agriculture is developed to accomodate such high standards and output, that it seems all that remains for oru farmers in economic matters, is “fine tuning”. We see it differently with our vision of stewardshipment. The whole World needs change, even the Netherlands, providing both opportunities and challenges. Our services are available in all countries.