The founder of the YELLOW AGRO brand, vision and concept is Willibrordus A. van der Weide (Netherlands). Born in 1961, Bolsward.

More than 25 years worth of experience in the mondial fields of dairy, agriculture and forest management. Inventor/founder of Condit fertilizer(2002) ,Yellow Agro (2015)and Elektro Udar(2020) Involved with at least 40 countries around the world. Mostly in East Europa countries , Middle East countries, Golf States , Middle and South Asia, USA and so Netherlands.

Living since 2018 in Arnhem.

Main partners are ;

Hylke Scherjon , Dairy Equipment(Netherlands)

Theo Mulder , Mulder Agro(Netherlands)

Yuri Rakotsy , inventor (Ukraine)

Carl Koch , EuroLab (Netherlands)