The founder of the YELLOW AGRO brand and concept is Willibrordus A. van der Weide (Netherlands). More than 20 years worth of experience in the mondial fields of dairy, agriculture and forest management. Inventor/founder of Condit fertilizer(2002) and Yellow Agro (2015). Involved with at least 40 countries around the world. Mostly in East Europa countries , Middle East countries, Golf States , Middle and South Asia, USA and so Netherlands.

From left to right :

Jouke Elsinga, Willibrordus van der Weide, Martin Hassanalizadeh

Members are :

Jouke Elsinga , MSc Science ( Netherlands)

expertise :
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences.
Master of Science in Public Administration. Specialised in natural resource management, decoupling and dematerialization.

Arend Mulder , Bio Engineer ( Netherlands )

1.Managing renewable energy project development
2.Project management
3.Managing international multidisciplinary projects
4.Identifying new technology developments

Specialties: Market research new RES technology,
Building business cases around high potential technologies.

Martin Hassanalizadeh, agronomist ( Netherlands )


1.Agronomy in Middle East and sub tropic countries
2.Rice and wheat productions
3.Gardening, flowers, horticult
4. Information Technology

“We are confident we will realize Yellow Agro mondial between 2018 and 2023.”