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CONDIT is the brandname of W.A. van der Weide from 2002. It means conditioning of the soil.


WHEY REACTOR  to make your own energy for the soil !

Describing Bio Whey Reactor container 2018(link)

“Black Box ” whey energy for the soil and heating.

Yellow Agro Manufacturing & Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland have developed a new type of mobile whey plant in a 40 Ft. container. Facilitating the unique production of “energy for the soil”, or “yellow soil energizer”, our own invention! Unique equipment for the use of hydrolyzed whey for the soil, achieving targets for innovative and circular economy. We are your partners to make any whey producing milk factory more (cost) effective and profitable, while reducing its foot print.

The Bio Whey Reactor is useful for all types of whey and permeate

We offer you two variants of “Yellow Soil Energizer”:   *  Y.A.- 1    “whey energy for the soil as liquid matter “*  Y.A.- 2   “whey energy for the soil for solid matter”. The whey-soluble energizer is ready as the main raw material to use as liquid for the soil, or processed to be a solid fertilizer! Bio Whey Reactor processing are all down with “cold fusion Kern reactions” till only 40 Degrees of Celsius. With 20Kw/hour of electricity we show a real economic and profit way to produce a high class whey energy from the whey. There is a special filtration, blenders and electrolysis equipment to increase the value of the whey.

As Yellow Agro team & partners we can even offer you turn-key Dairy plants worldwide till 100.000 liter milk a day.

Our project steps with you :

01) Process Development:
Afterwards following up with a feasibility study and complete process optimization, we are able to provide customers with insights about the benefits of our technology in milk and whey processing.

2) The process design phase:
Is the first step towards a continuous production plant. It starts with collecting the available processing knowledge, batch and/or continuous.

03) Technical feasibility phase:
Performing experiments on our individual continuous lab scale plants and testing equipment; we will safely guide any reasonable process through the feasibility phase and provide you with a window for critical process parameters and suitable equipment.

04) Optimization and pilot phase:
Any verified continuous or batch process still needs to be optimized depending on its inherent characteristics.

05) Competences:
Finding the appropriate technology for each unique process challenge is our core competence. Our engineering and process development department, in a combined effort, provide high end solutions to our customers.

06) Engineering services:
Our solutions in dairy are engineer in cooperation with Scherjon Dairy equipment’s Holland. Our services will result in an optimal plant design based on our deep process understanding. Gaining insights and detailed knowledge about investment costs, planning and documentation is a fundamental step forward to finalize the turn-key plant, which will be delivered and commissioned by our experts.

07) List of services:
Starting with steps such as piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and a user requirement specification will allow you to fully understand your future manufacturing plant. Furthermore we will also provide you with an order-ready or budget offer.

07A) Detailed engineering:
Our highly-skilled and experienced people design every single part of your plant’s systems in the prepared 3D-designs.

07B) Plant realization, commissioning and training:
Starting with a stand-alone engineering service, creating confidence and knowledge, committing to your final ready to go plant in dairy, wherever in the world.

Centuries old Dutch experience in cheese making brought to you today with a new vision. Our bio based Yellow Agro shows a huge opportunity today, and effect tomorrow. We call cheese making a by product of the milk, and whey (milk serum) the main raw material which is the value of a more effective, economical way of sustainable and circular processing without waste and loss of energy. Currently, we are burning immense amounts of energy to create products with lower caloric value! Think of turning whey into whey powder. The negative footprint of classical conventional dairy processing is not sustainable. With this new paradigm, whey becomes a high value product, instead of expensive waste. Not just better for the environment, but also for your bottom line.