In 2002 we (in Slovakia & the Netherlands) invented a bio based whey soil improver & fertilizer with the name CONDIT FERTILIZER, which can be used in any type of agriculture. In 2005-2009 we were involved with Dutch partner Interfood Holding. Since then we have both gone our own way, so we can focus better on our mission to promote better stewardship of our Earth.

The bio based fertilizer and soil improver increases the soil’s capacity to retain water and nutrients. Contains calcium, nitrogen, potatassium, iron, magnesium, copper. Promotes the production of nutrient dense food all in a sustainable manner !

Hydrolysis for renewable bio energy for the soil, our job is to show its potential.

For us, WHEY is the main raw material and cheese the by-product.

The both persons who are the founders of this knowledge are Eng. Vasil Kelemec(Slovakia) a dairy technolog and Willibrordus van der Weide from the Netherlands founder of Condit Fertilizer and Yellow Agro.

The men behind this expertise are Eng. Vasil Kelemec (Slovakia), a dairy technician, and Willibrordus van der Weide, from the Netherlands, and inventor of Condit Fertilizer, and founder of Yellow Agro.

Farmer in the Netherlands(2006) use Condit Fertilizer(whey based) made from whey.

The founder of Yellow Agro started his first invention, to make a bio organic fertilizer useful to stop soil degradation, with Condit Fertilizer production in 2002. This forerunner led to the renewed and improved Yellow Agro, which has improved features in applicability and energy release. Yellow Agro is also most beneficial to commercial large-scale farming operations. Condit Fertilizer is a top nudge solution for any type of agriculture, world-wide to help and support the farmer to reduce cost and increase yield performance.

In 2002 we registered the name CONDIT and CONDIT FERTILIZER in Slovakia and later patented it as of 2003. The Patent is granted in several countries, including  with the United States Patent Trade Office (USPTO)

Patent number: 7674310
Abstract: The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of a biological fertilizer comprising subjecting whey to a first fermentation step and the addition of a carrier material to the fermented whey and a biological fertilizer obtainable by the method. The biological fertilizer can be used as a replacement of the present artificial fertilizers thereby reducing many of the environmental problems associated with these artificial fertilizers. In addition, the biological fertilizer according to the present invention can be used in the field of biological agriculture for which, until the present biological fertilizer, no fertilizers were available.
Type: Grant
Filed: November 20, 2003
Date of Patent: March 9, 2010
Assignee: Condit
Inventor: Willibrordus Augustinus Van Der Weide

Farming will always be needed on our Earth, so we need the right stewardship

I) The dosage of Yellow Ferlizer is based on the requirements of the specific soil conditions
and crops. The soil fertility and the crop sequencing on the basis of the fertilizer schedule.

Condit & Yellow Fertilizers unique features are:

  • Lower acidity/increase pH value in the soil
  • Less use of water
  • Strong performance on sandy soils
  • Contains all necessary nutrients and trace elements
  • Same size and shape as artificial fertilizers, easy to use in any spreader
  • Once-a-year application only
  • Energizer and soil improver and
  • Contains carbon and organic matter to build up the soil.

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